Evolution Of The Irish Film Industry


Ireland has become a filmmaking capital, establishing itself as one of the world’s most attractive production environments. Over time, this has happened due to a stunning tax break, Section 481, and the wide variety of talented writers, directors, producers, casts, stunt performers, and crew that Ireland has to offer.

The film industry has also become an integral contributor to the economy in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The more significant sector, which covers TV, online output, and film, employs over 6,000 people in the Republic, involving 560 companies, and generates over €550 million yearly revenue.

Along with Section 481, Ireland’s beautiful landscapes and an enormous number of heritage buildings have helped establish Ireland as a globally recognized tour de force in the movie business, with appearances in films ranging from The Quiet Man to Star Wars.

One of the most essential and noticeable features of the Irish cinema industry is its abundance of creative talent. Furthermore, the broad range of facilities, including film studios, post-production services, and VFX labs, has significantly improved Ireland’s standing as a powerful filmmaking nation.

The Irish Film Industry

The Irish film industry is currently thriving incredibly. Ireland has become a one-of-a-kind and important co-production partner with numerous outstanding and established production firms and has an exceptional worldwide reputation. Ireland has collaborated on projects with nearly every European country and Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The animation industry has also been a noteworthy success, nearly tripling in size in the last decade. Irish animation currently accounts for over half of all production spending globally, with prominent Cartoon Saloon and Giant Animation companies.

Economic benefits, gorgeous Irish landscapes, and highly rated crews have all attracted international production to Ireland.

Flagship Projects

Many movies and seasons, ranging from Game of Thrones to Vikings and Star Wars, have been filmed in Ireland in the last decade alone.

Game of Thrones was the most viewed TV show globally for the first six seasons, with over 18 million viewers in 199 countries. Belfast’s Titanic Studios served as the location for Game of Thrones production and are in high demand since then. In addition, the show has sparked worldwide interest in Northern Ireland’s landscape, with much of the filming taking place outdoors on the province’s beaches, mountains, and famous Dark Hedges route.

Vikings was another hugely popular epic TV drama that was filmed in Ireland. Some scenes are set in some of Ireland’s most beautiful countryside in the Wicklow Mountains, which could be accessed, and they are all just a short drive south of Dublin.

Following the extensive usage of Kerry’s Skellig Michael and other Irish sites in Lucasfilm and Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and sequel The Last Jedi, Ireland draws a wide range of non-Irish-originated films. Last year saw the completion of the Apple TV series Foundation, the largest production to be shot in Ireland to date

The Rhythm Section and thriller The Other Lamb are two recent international films to shoot in the region.

Following is a chart that portrays the progress of the Irish film industry in the last 20 years.


International Recognition and Awards

The Irish film industry has made its mark and gained international fame in recent decades. Irish films have won nearly every major international award, including Academy Awards, the Palme d’Or, and the Jury Prize at Cannes, alongside other awards such as Golden Globes, Emmys, and BAFTAs.

Boom To Economy And Tourism

The Irish film, television, and animation industry generates €692 million in gross value added. According to data from development agency Screen Ireland, the screen industry’s contributions to the Irish economy have more than doubled in the last decade, rising from €164 million in 2010 to €357 million in 2019.

Ireland benefits from the clustering effect as well: the more studios there are and the more films they attract, the better the skills base and the local business support sector. These, in turn, are strengthened and refreshed with the help of some schools’ specialized support.

The boost to tourism can not be neglected. According to the Creative Capital study, 18% of tourists to Ireland come because they have seen the country on TV or in the movies. This has been most evident with Game of Thrones, which has spawned its mini-industry of guided excursions in and around County Antrim.

Irish Stunts Team

Stunts are one of the most important parts of any movie. The better the stunts crew are, the more perfection there is in the scenes. They are the soul and the heart of a movie.

The movie and T.V’s stunts industry in Ireland and Belfast has progressed significantly in the last few decades. They have become somewhat more professional and foolproof in this time. From action scenes in Vikings to breathtaking filming shots in Game of Thrones, these stunts co-ordinators of Ireland have not failed to impress the world.


Joe Condren is an experienced and veteran stunt performer and coordinator who brings a multiplicity of unique skills and talent to the table. With his Kung Fu Gold Belt and competitive experience in motorsports and horseriding, he is an all-stunts expert with years and years of experience. He has over 150 projects to his credits, some of which areas:

  • Vikings
  • King Arthur
  • The Belfast Sory
  • The winter lake
  • Sea fever
  • Supervized
  • Finky
  • Wisting
  • Vivarium
  • The Nan’s life

Joe Condren is credited as one of the best stunts co-ordinators in Ireland and Northern regions. He coordinated many international films and T.V projects in Ireland. With his vast experience, he has not only helped the Irish film industry grow and prosper but has also trained a professional and skilled team.

The Future Of The Irish Film Industry

The COVIID19 pandemic has had a significant influence on Ireland’s film and television industry. Furthermore, the route to resumption presents some critical obstacles for the Irish film and television industry.

However, Ireland’s professionally trained crew base and well-established studios, along with its breathtaking landscape and significant tax credits, will continue to make it a key hub for film, television, and animation production in the foreseeable future.

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