The Last Duel Premiers at the Venice Film Festival

Kylo Ren and Jason Bourne come face to face in the historical drama film, The Last Duel. Well, not the characters, obviously. Although, that sort of history would have been amazing, no? We’re talking about the actors: Matt Damon and Adam Driver.

If you don’t know who these celebrities are, well, Matt Damon is obviously the face behind Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and the Jason Bourne series. The award-winning actor brings along a kind of weight to every film that is unparallel. Also, he is rocking a sleek mullet in The Last Duel, a fact that has got everyone buzzing.

Adam Driver, on the other side of the duel, is obviously Kylo Ren from the Star Wars franchise. The extremely gifted actor is also well known for playing a supporting role in BlacKkKlansman and for portraying Adam Sackler in the hit HBO series, Girls.

The Last Duel is being directed by the legendary director, Ridley Scott. He is the man behind classics like Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982). Rather recently, in 2015, he got nominated for an Oscar for directing The Martian, a film that also saw Matt Damon as its lead.

The screenplay has been written by the Oscar-winning writing duo of Damon and Ben Affleck, the latter of whom plays a supporting role in the movie. Based on the book of the same name by Eric Jager, the story revolves around the last legal duel in France.

The trial by combat was between knight, Jean de Carrouges (played by Damon), and his squire and friend, Jacques Le Gris (played by Driver), after Jean’s wife accuses Jacques of raping her. The wife is played the talented and beautiful, Jodie Comer. It’s nice seeing the Killing Eve actress getting the spotlight among the A-Lister cast.

Comer’s role in the movie is more than just some damsel in distress. Her character, Marguerite de Thibouville, is often considered as one of the strongest women in history who defied a nation and stood against the patriarchy.

These emotions, along with the rich medieval atmosphere, have all been amazingly conveyed in the trailer for the film which we can all agree is riveting and electric, right? Finally, a big-budget historical film!

This bigger budget has also allowed those action-packed sequences that make the trailers so very exhilarating, and we are so pleased to announce that those sequences were choreographed and coordinated using our very own team of Irish stunt performers, Total Stunts.

Most productions in Europe book our elite stunt performers from Dublin to help bring their action scripts to life. From budgeting to delivering the stunts, we ensure that your penned scenes are brought to life with 100% safety and 100% realism.

This is ensured thanks to the professionalism and skill of each and every member of Total Stunts who is hand-picked by our stunt co-ordinator, Joe Condren. He is part of the esteemed group of stunt performers who have had a World Taurus Stunt Award to their name.

Joe was part of the team responsible for coordinating the famous bus flip scene from Colin Farrell & Cillian Murphy’s crime film, Intermission, and he has continuously been revolutionizing the stunt performing industry since.

Talking about this industry, Total Stunts works in close contact with other teams of Irish stunt performers like Belfast based Media Entertainment and the German based stunt group, Double Action. The cohesion between the parties ensures that your productions have ready access to the best technology and manpower in the industry when you book stunt performers in Ireland. 

Other organizations that we work hand in hand with include Equine Stunts and Total Armoury. The former, as the name suggests, is all about horses. With the help of their rich breeds and supportive trainers, we were able to bring the trained stunt horses to the big screen.

The latter provides equipment and training for medieval armor and weaponry. The shiny plates and elegant longswords that you see in our films are thanks in part to Total Armoury’s efforts and cooperation.

The medieval equipment and sword and lance stunts of The Last Duel might be suitable for the story’s era. However, this doesn’t mean that we do not delve into modern action. So even if you need to book stunt performers in Ireland to keep your cast safe during gunfight sequences or require drivers for elaborate car chases, Total Stunts has got you covered.

Our vision has always been to make stunts, no matter how big or small, more accessible in productions. Trust us when we say that the script that you think contains scenes that are “too ambitious” can become a possibility.  It can become something just as grand as The Last Duel so think big and, get in touch with us now! If you watched The Last Duel, we would love to hear your thoughts on the movie and its action sequences. Get in touch with our social media accounts and let’s talk about it!

Filming of Dungeons and Dragons

Since its inception, Dungeons and Dragons, or DnD as fans like to call it, has always dominated the tropes of mainstream media and popular culture. From inspiring most contemporary role-playing games (RPGs) to being streamed by Twitch and YouTube users, the billion-dollar tabletop game franchise has grown by leaps and bounds to the present-day behemoth that is loved by millions.

So, it came as no surprise when fans were elated about Paramount Pictures rebooting the DnD film franchise. The director duo of Goldstein and Daley was hired to spearhead the project with a slated release date of March 3, 2023.

What Is the Dungeons and Dragons Movie About?

Delayed thrice due to the Covid pandemic, the Dungeons and Dragons movie is set to revolutionize the fantasy-adventure genre with its over-the-top visual effects and groundbreaking storytelling.

Talking about the story, not much is known about the plot of DnD except that it is set in the fictional world of the tabletop game. The movie will take viewers through the adventures of an escaped thief and his barbarian companion played by Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez, respectively.

Rodriguez is Letty from the Fast and Furious franchise while we all know about Chris Pine, right? The Star Trek star is famous for his dedicated acting methods and has his own die-hard fanbase, known as the Pine Nuts, swooning over his good looks. The Golden Globe Award winner, Hugh Grant, is set to play the antagonist.

So, as you can see, the Dungeons and Dragons movie is not at all short of a star-studded cast. These actors will be delivering an adventure-filled performance in the backdrop of Irish fields and mountains. While fantasy movies primarily take advantage of CGI and props for storytelling, let’s not forget about the stunt-filled action sequences that will truly be bringing this epic world to life.

The Stunts Behind Dungeons and Dragons

As you must be aware, most film and televisions projects hire stunt coordinators to choreograph and perform the stunts in the production. From budgeting the stunt scenes to performing them, a team of stunt performers keeps the cast safe and ensures that every action scene, no matter how dangerous, is performed with the utmost safety and realism.

Paramount has hired the legendary stunt coordinator, Pete Miles, who will be working closely with members of our very own team of Total Stunts in providing the stunts for the film. If you don’t know who Pete Miles is, well, he is the guy behind the action scenes of Hobbs & Shaw and Quantum Solace of the James Bond series.

So, whether it is the gunfight scenes featuring Mr. Bond or the epic car chase scenes that have become synonymous with the Fast & Furious franchise, Pete Miles has choreographed it all and he is here to bring realism to the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Total Stunts: Book Stunt Performers in Ireland NOW!

Working alongside Miles has been nothing short of inspirational for our team. If you don’t know what Total Stunts is, well, we are a team of dedicated stunt performers based in Dublin, Ireland.

If you are looking to book stunt performers in Dublin, you should look no further than Total Stunts. With more than 600 combined credits to our name, Total Stunts is the longest established stunt team in Ireland and boasts stunt performers that are the best in their craft.

Joe Condren, our stunt co-ordinator, takes great pride in the rigorous selection process that he has crafted to ensure that our clients get only the safest and most realistic stunt sequences. Another thing that Condren takes great pride in is the Word Taurus Stunt Award that he and his brother Patrick Condren were nominated for choreographing the legendary bus flip scene in the movie, Intermission.

Booking stunt performers in Belfast can be rather cumbersome, and not to mention expensive. Total Stunts throws these problems out of the park by providing you with a one-stop shop for all your stunt-related needs.

From stunt rigging to getting you the props for your action sequences, feel free to leave the leg work to us. We have partnered with some of the best affiliate firms to help make your penned action sequences into a reality. Some of our most valued affiliates include Total Armoury, Equine Stunts, Media entertainment and Seals Media Dive Team.

No script is too ambitious and no action scene, too overwhelming, when you have booked our stunt performers in Ireland. Are you looking to recreate medieval battles with trained horses? Maybe your script takes your cast underwater? Or, maybe, you are looking for someone to choreograph adrenaline-filled car chase scene?

Well, it would be our honor to turn your action script into a safe and realistic sequence. This script could become the next Dungeons and Dragons movie that has got everyone excited. Get in touch with Total Stunts or submit a casting brief to book a team of professional stunt performers now!

Evolution Of The Irish Film Industry

Ireland has become a filmmaking capital, establishing itself as one of the world’s most attractive production environments. Over time, this has happened due to a stunning tax break, Section 481, and the wide variety of talented writers, directors, producers, casts, stunt performers, and crew that Ireland has to offer.

The film industry has also become an integral contributor to the economy in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The more significant sector, which covers TV, online output, and film, employs over 6,000 people in the Republic, involving 560 companies, and generates over €550 million yearly revenue.

Along with Section 481, Ireland’s beautiful landscapes and an enormous number of heritage buildings have helped establish Ireland as a globally recognized tour de force in the movie business, with appearances in films ranging from The Quiet Man to Star Wars.

One of the most essential and noticeable features of the Irish cinema industry is its abundance of creative talent. Furthermore, the broad range of facilities, including film studios, post-production services, and VFX labs, has significantly improved Ireland’s standing as a powerful filmmaking nation.

The Irish Film Industry

The Irish film industry is currently thriving incredibly. Ireland has become a one-of-a-kind and important co-production partner with numerous outstanding and established production firms and has an exceptional worldwide reputation. Ireland has collaborated on projects with nearly every European country and Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The animation industry has also been a noteworthy success, nearly tripling in size in the last decade. Irish animation currently accounts for over half of all production spending globally, with prominent Cartoon Saloon and Giant Animation companies.

Economic benefits, gorgeous Irish landscapes, and highly rated crews have all attracted international production to Ireland.

Flagship Projects

Many movies and seasons, ranging from Game of Thrones to Vikings and Star Wars, have been filmed in Ireland in the last decade alone.

Game of Thrones was the most viewed TV show globally for the first six seasons, with over 18 million viewers in 199 countries. Belfast’s Titanic Studios served as the location for Game of Thrones production and are in high demand since then. In addition, the show has sparked worldwide interest in Northern Ireland’s landscape, with much of the filming taking place outdoors on the province’s beaches, mountains, and famous Dark Hedges route.

Vikings was another hugely popular epic TV drama that was filmed in Ireland. Some scenes are set in some of Ireland’s most beautiful countryside in the Wicklow Mountains, which could be accessed, and they are all just a short drive south of Dublin.

Following the extensive usage of Kerry’s Skellig Michael and other Irish sites in Lucasfilm and Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and sequel The Last Jedi, Ireland draws a wide range of non-Irish-originated films. Last year saw the completion of the Apple TV series Foundation, the largest production to be shot in Ireland to date

The Rhythm Section and thriller The Other Lamb are two recent international films to shoot in the region.

Following is a chart that portrays the progress of the Irish film industry in the last 20 years.


International Recognition and Awards

The Irish film industry has made its mark and gained international fame in recent decades. Irish films have won nearly every major international award, including Academy Awards, the Palme d’Or, and the Jury Prize at Cannes, alongside other awards such as Golden Globes, Emmys, and BAFTAs.

Boom To Economy And Tourism

The Irish film, television, and animation industry generates €692 million in gross value added. According to data from development agency Screen Ireland, the screen industry’s contributions to the Irish economy have more than doubled in the last decade, rising from €164 million in 2010 to €357 million in 2019.

Ireland benefits from the clustering effect as well: the more studios there are and the more films they attract, the better the skills base and the local business support sector. These, in turn, are strengthened and refreshed with the help of some schools’ specialized support.

The boost to tourism can not be neglected. According to the Creative Capital study, 18% of tourists to Ireland come because they have seen the country on TV or in the movies. This has been most evident with Game of Thrones, which has spawned its mini-industry of guided excursions in and around County Antrim.

Irish Stunts Team

Stunts are one of the most important parts of any movie. The better the stunts crew are, the more perfection there is in the scenes. They are the soul and the heart of a movie.

The movie and T.V’s stunts industry in Ireland and Belfast has progressed significantly in the last few decades. They have become somewhat more professional and foolproof in this time. From action scenes in Vikings to breathtaking filming shots in Game of Thrones, these stunts co-ordinators of Ireland have not failed to impress the world.


Joe Condren is an experienced and veteran stunt performer and coordinator who brings a multiplicity of unique skills and talent to the table. With his Kung Fu Gold Belt and competitive experience in motorsports and horseriding, he is an all-stunts expert with years and years of experience. He has over 150 projects to his credits, some of which areas:

  • Vikings
  • King Arthur
  • The Belfast Sory
  • The winter lake
  • Sea fever
  • Supervized
  • Finky
  • Wisting
  • Vivarium
  • The Nan’s life

Joe Condren is credited as one of the best stunts co-ordinators in Ireland and Northern regions. He coordinated many international films and T.V projects in Ireland. With his vast experience, he has not only helped the Irish film industry grow and prosper but has also trained a professional and skilled team.

The Future Of The Irish Film Industry

The COVIID19 pandemic has had a significant influence on Ireland’s film and television industry. Furthermore, the route to resumption presents some critical obstacles for the Irish film and television industry.

However, Ireland’s professionally trained crew base and well-established studios, along with its breathtaking landscape and significant tax credits, will continue to make it a key hub for film, television, and animation production in the foreseeable future.


Let us know what you need and we’ll help to match you with the right people.